RPO Services

Quaeritis utilises a Hybrid RPO partnership to provide clients with other external acquisition platforms and solutions to deliver the best candidate attraction and interaction strategies from other candidate sources.

Our partnerships ensures that all recruitment requirements can be met with a team of experts at a fraction of the cost in comparison to traditional recruitment sources.

Benefits Of Our Hybrid RPO Model:





Cost Reduction

How We Work

Step 1 : We take a thorough brief from you

Step 2 : We plan and work out the most appropriate campaign to source candidates

Step 3 : We negotiate preferential rates of service with sources such as Job Boards, Aggregators, Social Media, Print & Digital Media.

Step 4 : We manage all job postings and candidate response within our own applicant tracking system or integrate with customer ATS provider

Step 5 : We screen all applications & monitor source success rates

Step 6 : All applications and delivered to end source, ATS, Website,Hiring Manager, HR or Recruiter

Our governance and knowledge will tailor any campaign and in many cases saving over 50% of any recruitment fees.

Our services include all or any combination of the services can be applied :

Accurate management reporting ensures enhanced insight into your recruitment needs, delivering full transparency throughout.

Why Quaeritis RPO Implementation?

Reduction In Overheads


Cost Saving


GDPR Compliancy


Reporting Suite




Experts In Candidate Engagement GDPR Compliancy