Our Vision

Careers Affect A Third Of A Jobseeker’s Life – Let’s Make A Positive Impact

What We Know –The Problems From A Jobseeker’s View

I Never Hear Back After I Apply for a Job
Job Boards Abuse My Data
All Job Sources Have the Same Jobs
I Have Limited Control Of My Communications Preference
96% of People Do Not Get the Job They Applied to
I Was Offered a Role That I Did Not Apply for
65% of Job Posted are Fake
It Takes Too Long To Fill Out Application Forms

What We Know – Current Challenges For Recruiters

95% of Recruiters Claim Poor Quality of Applications
A Third of Applicants Do Not Turn Up for Interview
Half of Successful Applications Then Withdraw
Hard to Find Core Skills – Engineers, IT, Health, Science
Skilled Talent Leaving to Emerging Economics
85% of Jobs in 2030 Have Not Even Been Created
Reaching Candidates Who are Already Employed
Same Candidates on All Job Boards

What We Think

Ways to Reduce Friction will Aid in Speed to Hire
Importance Of Social Media, Blogging, News To Drive Topical Conversions& Engagement
The Importance of Industry and Skills Globalisation
Content is King. Driving Band Traction, Recognition & Loyalty

How We Are Different – Our Thought Process

Combining 50 Years Job board Director Level Job Board Experience In the Generic & Industry Markets
Flexible Pricing Models & Responsive To Industry Trends
Focused On Attraction & Engagement Of Candidates First – Understand Content & Social Are Key
Becoming A Careers Site Not Just A Jobs Board – Including In-Work Services
Fully Transparent To The Jobseeker & Empowerment Through Communications Control At All Times
Monetising The Candidate As Well As The Client
High Level Matching No Click Bait
Using More Than Just Keywords Or Resume To Provide The Match (Holland Code)

Our Technology & Eco System Drivers

Disruption in Source and Engage Stage of Career Search
Global Reach and Capabilities
Combined Jobs and Content Matching Platform
Easy to Replicate into Other Industries and Locations
News and Content to Drive Engagement and Referrals
Job DNA Offers Alternative Job Searching & Matching
Focused on Markets and Industries that Have Clear Skills Shortages
Machine Learning to Build in Sector Profile, Knowledge and Pedigree.

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